Friday, September 18, 2009

As RX'd Again! Cluster What?

So the box jump didn't go so well this morning - only 10 more inches to go for the 52" Fort record. I succeeded at 42" but didn't do so hot at 44" - doh!

The WOD was better. The board said 60k RX'd again and I had to do some serious soul searching in the bathroom before coming out and throwing those 20k plates on the bar. Just suck it up and get it done!

7 rounds for time of 5 clusters (full clean and thruster) along with 7 chest to bar pullups. After the first couple of rounds, I broke the clusters up into sets of 2 and 3. I did all of the pullups unbroken and mostly chest to bar :)

PS -Audra made a comment regarding our packages Dave - nice camera action Zach!


  1. Super Dave, Super Dave Crotch Shot.

    No chest to bar? Slacker. HA! Nice work today. Strong performance.

  2. That was on my way up TO hitting that bar. Not to worry, I literally hit my chest on the bar on every single rep this morning.