Monday, September 21, 2009

Monday's WOD

Got some great pics on this one!

Started out with Push Press - 3, 3, 3, 3 - maxed out at 85k. Pete maxed at 110 or thereabouts. Damn, he's strong!

The WOD was 5 rounds for time of 10 x 36" box jumps and 10 x 60k Sumo Dead Lift High Pulls.

Season and I are flying in this picture.

And here's a headless close up to prove it! Zach did you all a favor and cut off my head so you could admire just the good parts ;)

Here's Dave cranking away at his Sumos - smile Dave!

Pete makes a 36" box jump look easy - even for a short guy!

I had an opportunity to drop in on the 6pm class and watch them suffer thru the same workout. I think sometimes that it's more fun to watch? :)

My baby girl loved the WOD and finished in 8:38 to beat my AM time of 8:39. The Huckabay competitive spirit is alive and well!

Zach made the push press look easy.

Jennie killed the Sumos with intensity!

Tom Kangaroo Mohr was at it again. Can you imagine this guy jumping up on your window sill late at night? Booga!

This picture of Bender was too good to pass up :)

Good night!

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