Thursday, January 28, 2010

GYG 1-27-10

Feeling pretty good today - Monday off - Tuesday CrossFit total - minimal aches and pains. 

Started with the Jerk   3 - 3 - 3+ at 70% - 80% - 90% of single rep max

My single rep max is currently 95k but I know I've got more than that - just haven't taken the opportunity to go after it recently.  So I upped the loads just a bit and rounded up the weight - didn't say anything to Zach because I knew it would stress him out.  He might even make me do burpees!  :)

70k - 80k - 90k x 3

I was planning on repping out 5 at 90k but catching that weight on my chest was brutal and on the 3rd rep, I lost my balance bringing it down out of the press and dropped it to the floor.  Regardless, 90k wasn't too bad - I figure I have a 105/110 jerk easy!   I suspect we'll see a max effort in the very near future.

SDHP @ 50k
Box Jumps 24"

I was a little worried about the pushups since they've been my achilles heel of late but the WOD went well.  I was able to rep out all the movements more or less unbroken.  I lost my rythm a couple of times on the sumos and box jumps but never really stopped moving.

Finished 5:53 - Pete finished later in the day at 4:55.  Thought I might have had him on this one - no such luck.  I expect maybe he transitioned between movements faster - that could have made the difference.  I usually spent a few extra seconds setting up on the sumos.  I'll be curious to see how Matt finished.  

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