Monday, January 25, 2010

Saturday Triple WOD Extravaganza - 01/23/10

I was a little nervous Friday night not knowing what the workouts would look like the following day. I figured they would be short and that was good. I got to bed early, about 9:30, but was wide awake at 5am. Sleeping in wasn't an option.

I was the first one at the gym. Took care of business, got the blood pumping and I was primed and ready to go. The first workout was right up my alley!

500m row - 440m run

The row went well - pulled a 126.4 - which is my PR 500m row. Matt wasn't too far behind me. I took a couple of seconds to unstrap and stand up. The first 15 strides felt clumsy. Matt popped off his rower like a jack in the box.

The run didn't feel strong. Matt passed me in the last 50m which was disappointing. I didn't seem to have a whole lot of strength in my hamstrings to push faster and couldn't quite find my stride. I would have been better off running a slow 800m warm up before the WOD. I'll have to remember that next go around when running is involved.

Matt 3:13
Garth 3:18
Pete 3:25
Tom 3:36
Brit 3:57

WDO #2 didn't play to my strengths but I feel like I did ok considering the previous week of workouts.

:90 Clean and Jerks
:30 Rest
:90 Ring Dips
:30 Rest
:90 Front Squats
:30 Rest
:90 Burpees

I put my hands on the bar and never let go on the clean and jerks for a total of 23. I figured out how to speed up at about 10 reps by thrusting out of a moderate squat after the clean. If I'd figured out the movement earlier, I could have squeezed in a few more reps! This is going to come into play next time I do Grace. Sub 3 minutes easy :)

The ring dips were really disappointing - burned out early. I tried going too long too fast - right out of the gate. If I'd broken it up into sets of 3 with short rests, I would have been able to do more. After 17, I couldn't quite get my arms straight and after 2 failed attempts, I gave it up and moved on.

I cranked out 25 front squats but dropped the bar with 10 seconds left on the clock. That was stupid! I thought I'd save it for the burpees but that was a very bad idea. I should have held onto the bar and cranked out another 5 front squats. In a WOD like this, I'll absolutely remember that on the next go around.

Burpees were horrible - don't know that I could have sped these up. I was having one hell of a time getting back up after hitting the ground. Finished 22 burpees.

Pete 118
Tom 101
Matt 96
Garth 87
Brit 65

So if I could have come up with 3 more clusters, 5 more front squats and 5 more ring dips, I would have hit that hundred mark. Tough WOD!

The last WOD was the most disappointing for me. I knew it was going to be tough and was dreading the overhead walking lunges but really had no idea how bad those would get me. I should have known based on the last WOD that included that movement. Definitely not a strong point for me.

440m Run
10 Deadlifts (100/60)
20 Box Jumps 24"
30 KB Swings (24/16)
40 Wall Ball Shots (20/14)
50m Overhead Walking Lunges (20/10)
400m Run

I knew this was going to be a grind so I didn't go balls out on the first run. Matt got an early lead and I just settled in behind him.

10 deadlifts were no problem - never let go of the bar and bounced it hard on the ground each time, remembering to set my back.

The first 5 box jumps were a bit clumsy but then I found a rythm and cranked them out fast.

Matt was about 3 swings ahead of me at the kettle bells but I grabbed onto the bell and never let go - cranked thru 30. I never even thought about setting it down - figured it would be more work than to simply keep going.

I started to come apart on the wall balls - should have repped out 4 sets of 10 but got lazy and kept putting the ball down at 5. It was especially frustrating when a rep didn't count - got called out for not hitting the height on 3 reps - once for not getting depth in the squat. The height call was obvious but losing a rep to squat depth was demoralizing and I stepped back for a 5 second rest at that point which wasn't really needed. 4 sets of 10 next time! Suck it up.

My overhead walking lunges need work. Not at all sure what I'm doing wrong but something is going on there. I lose balance, it kills my back and I can't seem to string many together before everything seems to come apart. I think it likely plays into the same difficulty I have with OHS and setting my core - sucking in the gut. I'm definitely going to practice these in the coming week. Surprisingly, I was out ahead of everybody on these by a solid 20 seconds but by 30m, everybody had passed me up and it was all I could do to finish, let alone speed up. The final run was a misery. My legs felt like jello and I was dizzy - seeing stars. It wasn't until the last 20m that I was able to start speeding up - thought we had to run all the way into the gym? That last bit was amusing :)

Pete 12:37
Matt 12:43
Tom 12:49
Brit 12:52
Garth 13:27

Ah well! Next time. If it had been 50 pullups instead of 50 overhead walking lunges, I probably would have done better.

Gotta find time to work on the video - have some great footage. It'll be good :)

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