Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Overhead Squats are Brutal! 1-20-10

Today's workout was rough. It was just Season and I at the GYG.

Started off with a 1000m row and finished in 3:33 - not a record but not too shabby either!

Power Snatch 2-2-2-2-2

Still figuring out that 2nd knee bend - drilled at 50k and did 4 x 5. It all started to come together - looking good in the 4th round. I was popping the bar up with power, full arm lock out and catching it low in the squat. Exciting stuff!

Overhead Squats at 50k

I've done well with workouts that incorporated overhead squats in the past but this one kicked my ass. I did the first 21 overhead squats unbroken but it destroyed my shoulders, wrists and quads. The burpees were pure agony. I failed on a couple of early OHS attempts in round two and had to walk away from the bar for 15-20 seconds to recover. Tough! I got thru it in 8:44 - video to follow.

GYG 01-20-10 from Garth Huckabay on Vimeo.

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